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Our Training Philosophy

We believe that learners who attend the courses we conduct have a right to expect:

  • To be listened to, be respected as a person, and to be protected from undue criticism or personal attack from any source.

  • To have their own ideas, opinions and work/life experiences valued and considered within the context of the course.

  • A stimulating, challenging, yet comfortable learning environment where they are encouraged to participate.

  • An opportunity to learn in various modalities: visually, auditorially, and kinesthetically.

  • An opportunity to learn from various course activities, such as: pre-course work, lectures, group discussions, small team assignments, case studies, hands-on practice, instructor and video feedback, coaching, one-to-one counseling with instructors, etc.

  • Quality learning materials - well designed and professionally produced.

  • Excellent instructors who can present the material well, ask stimulating questions, encourage and guide group discussions, listen well, respond to learner needs and interests, answer questions clearly and directly, and provide coaching and feedback.

  • The full attention of the course instructor before, during and after the course so they get the reasonable personal attention they may need.

  • Full, honest, direct, sensitive developmental feedback on their course-related skills.

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