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Our Business Philosophy

The Herrington Group, Inc., adheres to the highest standards of ethics in the conduct of our business. The following represent our business policies:

  • We conduct our business with a sense of responsibility to our client contacts, the learners who attend our courses, the employees of our corporation, our shareholders, our contractors and vendors, and the community at large.

  • We observe the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our dealings.

  • We comply with both the letter and the spirit of the laws in all countries in which we do business.

  • We conduct all of our business openly and fairly with no hidden or preferential dealings, not favoring one client organization over another.

  • We make no effort to unduly influence any client to do business with us. We expect to earn the right to a client's business each and every day.

  • We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent value for their training dollar by providing the highest possible quality instruction and learning materials for a fair price.

  • We are dedicated to remaining in business by earning a reasonable profit on each piece of business we accept.

  • We believe that a successful client/consultant relationship is a two-way street. We expect to be communicated with fully and openly, treated honestly and fairly, and paid promptly.

  • We are dedicated to constantly improving our teaching methods and materials, and, thus, we welcome feedback from clients and learners at all times.

  • We are dedicated to keeping our own professional skills and knowledge current by: studying appropriate literature; being active in our professional associations, attending appropriate work-shops, courses, conferences, conventions, etc.

  • If, for any reason, we are, or become, the "wrong fit" for any client, we will say so, and appropriately withdraw from the relationship. We are only interested in client relationships that "feel right" to them and to us. We will not accept assignments just to gain revenue.

  • We value the quality of our personal and professional lives. If our commitments to clients seriously jeopardize the quality of our personal lives, and there is no other solution, we will withdraw, appropriately, from the relationship.

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